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Navigating Potential Dangers For Your Canine Companion On Walks

Make the most of Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30 by taking your furry buddy for an invigorating jaunt, but stay alert for any potential risks that can spoil this perfect day. Watch out for these issues when enjoying your pet-walking session.

#1: Other dogs

When it comes to dogs, encounters with other furry pals can be catastrophic—especially if either pup is reactive and manages to break free of its collar. Even friendly pups off their leashes pose a risk since your pet might view them as threats when they come bounding up for an energetic greeting. So keep watch on the other canine companions around you, paying attention to your dog’s body language in order that they stay relaxed in these situations. If achievable, try avoiding parks during peak times so as to prevent any potential feuds between large groups of pups!

#2: Traffic

When strolling to the park, be sure to stay vigilant for any nearby traffic – cars, bikes, and other pedestrians. Make certain your furry friend remains close by your side so as not to cause an accident. A pet on a loose retractable or lengthy leash may unexpectedly rush into traffic; potentially trip up bicyclists or become entangled around bystanders; it could even snap if they lunge at a squirrel.

#3: Pests

Protect your furry friend from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and intestinal parasites that frequent parks by administering preventatives year-round. Moreover, when you return home be sure to thoroughly inspect them for hidden bugs – nose to tail!

#4: Wildlife

As your pup takes in the sights and scents of the park, they may unknowingly come across wildlife dwellings. While most animals will flee upon seeing people or pets coming near, some may be provoked to protect their young, food source, or home—becoming aggressive as a result. Further adding to this risk is that wild creatures are commonly carriers of disease and parasites; so it’s best not to disturb them!

If you and your furry companion are outdoor enthusiasts, make sure they’re safeguarded against infectious illnesses and parasites by scheduling regular preventive care. Call our team to set up a wellness appointment for them today!