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How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

We’d want to help make it easier for you to welcome a new cat into your house in recognition of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, which, in our opinion, should be celebrated monthly. Cats are sensitive creatures, and it might be unsettling to explore a new area, especially if other animals have already established a territory there.

Here are some suggestions from our staff to help make your new cat (or cats) feel at home in your house.

#1: Make sure your new cat has a secure environment.

A new cat may take a few days to warm up to you and much more time to adjust to living with your other pets. By giving your cat its own space and supplies, you may make it feel more at ease in its new home. Don’t let your cat choose between food, water, a litter box, a scratching post, and a bed; keep them all in one spacious space. To assist your new cat in adjusting to your presence, spend plenty of time playing with, caressing, and interacting with it. But also allow it plenty of opportunity to explore on its own.

#2: Maintain the same diet.

A cat’s sensitive digestive tract might get upset from the stress of relocating, so it’s best to keep feeding it the same food it was eating before the move. Let them adjust to their diet for a few days, and then gradually introduce the new food over a week.

#3 Be patient with your new feline friend.

It’s best to wait a week or two for your cat to feel comfortable in their new home before inviting the extended family. To ensure your new cat is healthy and up to date on preventative care, however, you should schedule an appointment with your regular veterinarian. Your cat may still be recovering from the ordeal of the car ride home, so give it at least a week before introducing it to anybody else.

What an excellent addition to your family! Our staff is excited to meet your new pet, so please call us to schedule their wellness checkup.